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Green Coffee Bean MaxIf you haven’t heard of the green coffee bean diet craze lately perhaps you have been living under a rock. One of the more popular green coffee diet products on the web is called Green Coffee Bean Max. As the name suggests this supplement’s primary ingredient is made from green coffee beans which happen to contain a natural chemical named chlorogenic acid. 

An unroasted coffee bean contains a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid which is the main acting ingredient in Green Coffee Bean Max. As with any diet pill in order to obtain maximum results, you will also need to eat the right foods such as lean proteins and vegetables while also incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

So what does the science say behind something as simple as a green coffee bean extract and does it really help you lose weight? The reviews are overall very positive with 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon which tells me that there has to be some truth to green coffee bean Max effectiveness or the very least some type of a powerful placebo effect going on.

So could this be nature’s perfect diet plan? Each serving contains 800 mg of chlorogenic acid and is claimed to be safe to use with no other additives. Green Coffee Bean Max also offers free membership to a weight management club which will provide you with a fitness program, a diet plan and tips on how to lose weight fast and what some of the best foods are to eat for healthy weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Max is currently running a free bottle special offer on select packages which will save you some money with an individual one month supply running as low as $24. This diet supplement is made in the USA and also comes with a 100% money back guarantee as well as free shipping.

So if you have tried other diet supplements out there with little or no success you may want to climb on board the green coffee bean diet craze and see what this fad is all about!

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