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With obesity rates soaring to all-time highs in recent years many people are struggling to keep the pounds off. So is there anything that can be done or is all hope lost?  In the simplest terms in order to lose weight, you’re going to need to eat fewer calories than your body burns. This is why a healthy lean diet combined with regular exercise is often one of the most effective ways to lose weight. This requires a little bit of thought and pre-planning but the results can be life-changing.

If you are someone who eats whatever foods are within reach and does not practice portion control or you get small amounts of physical activity this can all be a recipe for unwanted weight gain. There is no diet supplement likely to help you here until you get active and change your eating habits. 

On the flip side if you are already eating the right foods and exercising then you are probably on the path to maintaining a healthy body weight and even shedding some of those unwanted pounds.

You may be wondering if there is anything that can be done in order to help speed the process of losing weight? There’s a natural diet supplement called CLA 2000 and it’s supposed to help aid weight loss while also boosting energy levels.

The main ingredient is conjugated linoleic acid. It’s a long word to pronounce but this all natural chemical is already found in many of the foods we eat regularly such as milk, beef, and other polyunsaturated fatty foods.

This CLA compound is supposed to help build lean muscle, promote energy and help control weight. If you are someone who eats red meat or dairy products you’re probably getting healthy enough levels of CLA. If you are a vegetarian or somebody who rarely eats these fatty acid foods a supplement with conjugated linoleic acid may be beneficial.

The other ingredients in CLA 2000 include oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and linoleic acid. Believe it or not, this is all derived from safflower seed oil in the supplement. This may make you wonder can’t we just drink safflower seed oil for the same benefits? Perhaps but I doubt it’s going to taste very good and this is assuming you can even find it at your local grocer. Luckily there is an alternative to getting this beneficial chemical and that is to take a supplement like CLA 2000.

Does it really help with weight loss though?  I can’t find any direct reviews for CLA 2000 but I have found several other similar supplements that also contain CLA. On Amazon, one such supplement has a 3.4 out of 5-star rating with over 60 reviews.

Another conjugated linoleic acid supplement from CVS has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. Walmart has more favorable reviews with a CLA supplement landing a 3.9 out of 5-star rating for their safflower oil soft gels which is basically what CLA 2000 is. The reviews for CLA supplements appear to be favorable with some customers reporting positive results for weight loss.

CLA 2000 is made in the US and it’s a 100% natural. If it really does half of what it claims it sounds like it’s worth taking. I mean who does not want larger muscles, quicker weight loss, an enhanced immune system with increased energy? Sign me up for that miracle pill!

On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that a single chemical compound can assist with all of that. But there are many positive reviews for users taking safflower oil soft gels which contain CLA. So if you’re looking for getting an edge in your diet and a host of other potential benefits it looks like CLA 2000 is a supplement worth trying out.

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