Symptoms of Colon Problems and digestive issues come in many forms but some of the more common ones that may be telling your body that it is time for a Colon Cleanse are as follows:

Symptoms of Colon Problems

Frequent digestive problems – If you have constipation or diarrhea on a continual basis you will likely benefit from doing a colon cleanse. The reason for this is these are both signs of something is just not quite right with your colon. This could be in the form of having an excess blockage in the colon or having the lack of enough fiber in your diet in order for the body to dispose of waste properly. These are 2 of the most common symptoms of colon problems.Symptoms of Colon Problems



Sudden Weight Gain – If every time you get on the scale in the bathroom and your weight keeps going up there is more than likely an underlying cause for this to be occurring. If you have any type of blockage in your colon your body may just not be able to get rid of the waste it needs to properly which in turn can lead to weight gain and bloating.


Symptoms of Colon Problems

Chronic Fatigue – Often as a sign of having too many toxins within the body if you are getting enough sleep each night but are still feeling tired throughout the next day and having very little energy this could be a sign that your body has too many toxins. When this happens your energy is being spent on ridding the toxins which in turn might make you feel excessively tired.

Symptoms of Colon Problems

Strong Body Odors – When your colon is not working properly it releases toxic gas into the body which in turn end up contributing to bad breath, abdominal gas and body odor. This can lead to greater problems such as Gastritis which can cause discomfort and excess flatulence.

Acne – When your body builds up toxins due to an ineffective colon this often has the effect of clogging the pores of the skin and causing breakouts or pimples. A colon cleanse will often benefit here.

Symptoms of Colon Problems

Aches & Pains – If you are experiencing constant headaches or other body aches it may be time to get a colon cleanse. Candida may be the root cause of these and often is when you have colon problems.


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